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Service Plan Speeds

Our plan speeds are as follows:

($54.95/mo) Up to 2.5mbps download, 1.5mbps upload

($64.95/mo) Up to 4mbps download, 2mbps upload

($74.95/mo) Speeds between 6mbps download, 3mbps upload up to 10mbps download, 5mbps upload. This plan strongly relies on the capabilities of your signal and which tower you are on. If interested in the Premium plan we will work with you to determine capabilities and what to expect for average speed.

Business Professional
($89.95/mo) If you are a business with more than three employees this is the minimum option. Speeds supported are in excess of 10mbps download and 10mbps upload and may vary by client. We have additional services we can offer as well so please inquire for more details. A static IP address is generally required in addition to this plan.

Any speeds in excess of 15mbps download and 15mbps upload depending on location antenna reception capabilities. Customers interested in the Enterprise plan will have an agreement tailored to their needs which can include network monitoring as we would one of our own towers. We can also offer fully managed wireless access points and other equipment as add-ons.

Installation $50
Public IP Address (if required) $10.00/mo

You can visit our Speed Test page to check your current speeds for comparison.