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Current Offerings

Wireless LINC offers a unique, affordable and reliable wireless internet solution for both residential and business users outside the reach of other providers


We are faster and more reliable than DSL!

Due to differences in network infrastructure in each geographical area, various speed plans are available. Please contact us to get a description of what we can offer your service address. You can also visit speeds explained for a brief summary.

Static IP addresses can be purchased for $10 per month with a subscription to another plan. Please keep in mind that a static IP address may be required if you use any service that requires connection to your home’s IP such as a home monitoring system or remote cameras. If you have any questions about this then please ask.

Upon starting a new account, a one-time $50 charge will apply for installation and supplies. This charge can be avoided with self-installation in which case the customer will be responsible for cabling and mounting. If this option is selected, two months will be charged up front to cover the device cost. This charge will be applied towards the account and the monthly charge would resume on the third month.

Wired and Wireless Routers are not provided by Wireless LINC, customers will need to supply their own if they wish to use wireless devices. After installation, it is possible to wire a single device through Ethernet without the use of a router. Wireless LINC will not be responsible for troubleshooting issues caused by a router and additional fees will apply if a service call is a result of a home networking issue.

Seasonal plans are available for 5 months at a time at $10/month during the suspension, plan availability is based on signal strength and coverage area.
Please contact 866-553-7361 or wireless-linc@sns.com for details.

*Speeds quoted or agreed upon are maximum achievable speeds. These rates are not guaranteed and speeds may be affected by the number of concurrent users, the speed of the Websites you are viewing, internet congestion, radio equipment, tower capabilities, distance, and user computer specifications. Peak hours may cause speeds to be lower than usual. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed.