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Network Status

There are no known issues at this time.

If you would like to report a potential outage, please make a post here: Facebook Network Status Page
If you do not have a Facebook account, please use our Contact Form

Notice: Some users may be affected by electrical outages outside of their town depending on where the source tower is located, what towers are involved in the transmission of services, and what types of backup power solutions are available at the tower. Below are some links to local energy providers responsible for our electricity.

Eversource NH: Outage Map
Towns Affected: Franconia, Jefferson, Lancaster, Lyman, Dalton, Barnet, and Groveton

Vermont Electric Co-op: Outage Map
Towns Affected: Stratford, Brunswick, and Bloomfield

Green Mountain Power: Outage Map
Towns Affected: Barnet, Peacham

New Hampshire Electric Co-op: Outage Map
Towns Affected: Lisbon, Lyman, and Easton