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Installation Details

Installation is $50 to cover time/travel and supplies (can be waived with a self-install, even if we leave you the equipment during a site survey). We don’t recommend self-installs unless the owners are comfortable providing and wiring their own weatherproof Ethernet cord.

An Ethernet based (RJ45) wireless router is also recommended as our antenna will only output to a single Ethernet port. We don’t supply routers, but they can be purchased almost anywhere. DSL modems/routers are not compatible as they use another type of registered jack.

Typically, an install will consist of an “L” shaped pole installed on the side of a house with four screws. Our antennas will attach to this pole. A heavy-duty Ethernet cord will be run into the building nearest the pole (which has to be facing the nearest tower). A hole will need to be drilled in order to get inside, unless there is a nearby existing entry point that we can use. We will use staples to secure the cord to the building and will be as careful as possible to hide the cable. Our technicians are not certified Electricians and cannot install anything through walls (except a direct line) or through ceilings. We also do not install conduit to run cable underground. If either of these are required, please chose a self-install option.

Depending on your location, our technicians will select an appropriate antenna. Some customers may have multiple options that will be functional, but there is generally a preferred antenna for each site based on tower location and signal strength. The following are images of each antenna type that we use in our network.

Ubiquiti Nanostation M900:
Our most common antenna. Primarily used where line of sight is not possible, or when 900mhz is the only frequency available for that tower. These also work indoors for customers that are close to the tower.
(Picture coming soon!)

Ubiquiti Nanobridge M5:
The primary antenna used in all outdoor installations where line of sight is guaranteed.
20151118_141139 20151118_141132

Ubiquiti Nanostation M5 and M2:
These antennas are used mainly as an alternative to the Nanobridge M5 for line of sight applications. The M2 model looks identical to the M5, can be used without line of sight and is sometimes the only option available for a few of our towers. These also work indoors for customers that are close to the tower.

Ubiquiti Powerbeam 5AC
We have just started to use AC band products in our newest locations. We have only a few deployed and these excel at providing service where distance and radio noise are a significant factor.
(Picture coming soon!)

Any other units in our network are either specialty products that we used for one purpose or are slated to be replaced by newer equipment.