High Speed Wireless Internet for Northern NH and VT

“Now providing service from Cannon to Littleton, Easton, Sugar Hill, Franconia, and Twin Mountain”

Reliable service in any conditions!

Wireless LINC uses the newest technologies to bring you the most stable connection possible in the harshest New England weather.

Always improving and growing!

We are continually improving the network to install backup solutions, expand our coverage area, and introduce new technologies to bring faster speed to our existing users.

About the Company

Wireless LINC has several years of history, learn how it all began.

Service Plans & Pricing

Wireless LINC provides affordable Internet. Find a service plan that works for your budget.

Coverage Area

Please check our map to find out if you are within the coverage area. This page contains a highly recommended contact form that will calculate links and help us serve you faster.

Inquire About Service

Fill out our coverage form, even if you are only browsing. We would like to know what communities need service so that we can expand into that area.